sounds muffle together
television on in the dark
voices collapse into a ball of language
and image, rolling away slowly
a mess of light
growing small down the corridor
of sleep

head falls back with the next breath
and I am in the talons
of a Bird
whose massive wings span the sky
body a shimmering tapestry of stars
carries my mute consciousness
through the eye of an impossible horizon

removed from the actual physical
flesh dissolves to a net of loosely woven
formulas, the illuminations of which
spin like galaxies in void spaces
I am the universe contained
within my human self
sailing down the tornado’s funnel

breath as visible as smoke
memories arrive as faces, disembodied
speaking sense and nonsense
confused I chase after their fleeting presences
kick my feet, but
running feels like drowning
I am forced to watch them leave
taking their ironies and prophecies w/ them

the Spider comes for me now
the evil that waits at the center
of all things
my Demon, my Minotaur
I can feel the tendrils of its laughter
reaching for me
summoned by fear and accidental ignorance

sensing my weak
disappearing self
the bite is quick, the poison moves unstinted
escape becomes a maze without solution
there is no place now to hide
from those terrible, hungry, curious

huddled in a shadow
mouth cupped in hands, trembling
trying desperately not to breathe
a sound
hollow footsteps echo closer, closer
I can hear myself screaming

© Emerys Watchel, 2017 All rights reserved.



i`m scared
this Air will be polluted

scared Big City substance abuse
will have us locking nighttime doors

scared the water`s running downhill &
our Natural Resources are running w/ it

bark beetles will kill our draught Fir

this Town will mutate to City
to Metropolis to Commercial Perdition

scared the Lebensborn were right

scared we’ve left ourselves w/ few Omelettes
and many broken eggs

Sanity is threatened by
bacteria carried on the Host Body

scared ignorance is Bliss & our politicians
are Playskool Potato Heads

scared of all the Freedoms we got

scared a god addled Maniac will make
an attempt on my life

i’ll never be as popular as J. Lennon

the President is a Homunculi
made of the blood & semen of Capitalist
black magic

we haven’t got a Chinaman’s chance

we lost our communities to the Bank
& sold Mom ‘n Pop for automated tellers

scared of losing my freedom

scared it’s all Too little Too late

scared the Treasury Dept. forgot about
Social Security

wild animal attacks are a response
to Industrial Development

Pirate Somalia will laugh blaming Canada
for politely ignoring Fat-Ass America
sinking us into the sea
(ok, that’s not true)
scared i’m forgetting my point

scared highschools will stop letting Students
outside for Lunch

scared of all the Guns and Bibles

scared our countries Mutual Economies will
suffer WW3

scared the infrastructure will flat-line when
Jinping comes to collect

scared we cooked the Golden Goose
one glorious Thanksgiving before the New World
was even an itch
in the britches of Wessex

Elon Musk’s transhumanism program will
destroy human essences and replace us with
super-advanced psychopaths
in need of emotional integration updates

scared this was all a waste of Time
that someone out there is designing my end
with an insidious Rube Goldberg device

Walt Whitman blew America and Swallowed

we exist to Define perseverance

our National Preservations will be emptied
of Animal Kingdoms

& nobody cares

© Emerys Watchel, 2017 All rights reserved.

no sleep

not now
stomach too full
breathing stops
with body i lay down
to sleep
gasping, falling
i’d very much like to dream escape
awake 38 hours
c’mon skin you old sack
full of brain bone intestine
acid mulching solid protein
to passable soft matter waste
sponge meat
absorb, expel
no relief with willpower alone
a walk then
noctambulate the evening air cold
in lungs
shivers wash over
exterior self
to the little Store
on the corner
bodies of young girls giggling
an old man white beard
alarmed at hooded presence I
says “you look like a walker,
brother. you’re dressed
for it.
enjoy the air.”
back to the door, illuminated pavement
face & open eyes at the starry ceiling
following the tracks
by the Railyard SW
a circuitous path

no sleep for me

© Emerys Watchel, 2017 All rights reserved.

Experience relative to Self

that’s it for me
Netconnection issues
satellites fiberop or
a nite spent gaming
avatars of other imperfections
the nerve is bland
the itch
whatever it is
think i’ll lay around &
masturbate differently
stare at WordPress
something more interesting
will happen

i do believe i hear a rather rhythmic
squeaking coming from
the room above

© Emerys Watchel, 2017 All rights reserved.

what is w/ Fedoras & Coffee

hello Mister vehicle driver
w/ yur stinky muffler
slowing down
to check me out
speeding off
realising you don’t recognize me
i don’t recognize you
why would i?
i know who i am
clearly desperate for attention
why else
a yellow Subaru
in a town this small

© Emerys Watchel, 2017 All rights reserved.

Schmoozing with Mobsters

this Lipton Tea
has a curious design flaw
the boxtop
lays limp
does not seem to allow
sealed-in freshness
naked bags no sachets
a default to ensure
it is up to me
the consumer
to enlist a third-party product
Glad, Ziploc, Tupperware
the resealable plastic people
to ensure my Lipton
the cellophane package wrap
a strong earthy-green aroma
following me from
to cup
with visions of Victorian
timber ships sailing from East India
to Halifax for my

perhaps the War Treasury is dependant
on Lipton product fail guarantees?
luminous over mountainsnow
teacup & smile

© Emerys Watchel, 2017 All rights reserved.

Courtesy of

the Main Street ruckus
was loud
last nite the Moon was veiled
after sun down
a particular dark
settled low

the amphitheater was erected
for the New Hip young Mellencamps
to play the weekend
the whole town joined
the festive atmosphere
could be heard
over smokestack, granary
pork plant
all vibrated
with humm and drum

some garage band kids from
made it big
City workers were up ladders
unscrewing glass globe street lamps
wiping out moth dust
making a clean and presentable
the Gestapo were scheduled to inspect

not even 9 p.m
the pedestrian streets were emptied
it was all happening
our 8 or 12 town Cops
were busy

a criminal opportunist
might take advantage

© Emerys Watchel, 2017 All rights reserved.