early to rise
out the door
to the buses
send the children
marching to the beat
of programmed generations
brushed hair
new shirt
school supplies
off to learn from
some other mother
how to fit a square peg
in a round hole
early to bed

taught how we
were taught, not
to ask a more
complicated question
young mind
all you need to know
is that
one and one
is two
do as you are told
pass this test
to do better than the other
shiny apples
pray no deep
inner dream takes hold
as a feasting worm
on un-planted seed

sacrificial lambs
we don’t call this that
even as
we spend our best
golden offerings
into institutional reforms
purchased with obedience
to serve no master
the profit generating
cycle of our debt
to human farms

The final ironic stroke

After contemplative deliberation, I hesitate to add this final note.
However, I implore you, dear reader,
lend me one more consideration: the willingness to see.

If I were to give you the answer to a question
you had not yet arrived at,
this could all be easily discarded out of hand.

A paranoid delusion,
dreamt up to disarm
from what I believe to be the honest truth.

© Emerys Watchel, 2015 All rights reserved.


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