When Pigs Fly

one day
people will stop pretending
they’re intelligent
the brains will all
cast withered glares
that will suffice
to prison the
thought deaf
to the border gloam
and obvious curvature
to paint their
pretty eyes

one day,
pretentious will be
a crime, all
books will be written
by the honest collective
and freedom
will no longer be
a prayer

one day
the corporate houses
will be brought down
brick by brick
and removed of
their foundations
and the vipers
milking cash cow
dollar futures
will be marched
into the city squares
to be crucified

we will warm
our souls
in the gold glow
of the cinder
will be outlaws
beyond salvation
and we’ll all be
kings and queens
without kingdoms
or, silver spoon
to stir divide.

© Emerys Watchel, 2015 All rights reserved.


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