Mending A Causal Link

all at once I saw you
from a place of secrecy
with your stare
downcast and glazed
with determination
and subtle concern
and every so often
your mute glance
would turn
as though
and as if
light flashes of color
would dance and spur
your attention
to some possibly distant
romantic shore

it was there
I gleaned significance
in the luster
of your imagination
as though you saw
with beauty or
with horror
the bursting death
of a star
creating in an instant
a hole
in the depth of space
a growing vacuum in the cosmos
where substance and nothingness
to devour
into the jaws of a monster

you would hold
a thought there
for a short time
before you’d casually blink
returning your head
with a forward nod
slipping down slowly
to your lap
or to your hands
that manipulated
with reflexive fascination
a device
with seemingly
over-complicated design
yet the simple thing
was there
in the subterranean passages
beating like a heart
in the rivers of your mind

that bothersome thorn
while not exciting
would gnaw
with some persistence
a question
in the background
somewhere in the labyrinth
with old scraps
of discarded message
and worn out bits
of this and that
left to blister
in the miscellany
as an itch
you ought to scratch

© Emerys Watchel, 2015 All rights reserved.


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