Friday, 12:45 p.m.

as an experiment, I
wondered what it would feel like to write
as it occurs, or
as I feel it happening

to the bank today
so many people
eyes everywhere
dry skin main street
gingerbread square gallery & gifts
bobcat parked in front of
police station
heritage insurance agency take out delivery
family restaurant
parking lot red pontiac
middle-aged man on bicycle
senior citizen with cell phone sandals white hair
two men half his age
(I’m conjecturing now, but)
they look like ex-cons
(rehabilitation a possibility?)
though, we must consider
the cause. soccer mom SUV
driving elderly mother for
prescription pick-up
didn’t bother to go in with her
just left the vehicle running
further evidence that the infirm
are a burden to the otherwise
no teenagers
white slob green wifebeater
yellow mustard
forgot where he parked?
stop sign red chrome chevy
almost ran over woman pedestrian
parking lot’s a dangerous sea of activity
leopard print purse
sunglasses, shifty head
surviving, or seeking a mark?
who are these people, really?
shuffling their opaque meat
to vitamin deficiency
dehydrated menthol cigarette
my lower lip feels cracked
in the passenger seat waiting near
the shopping carts
cough germ hands touch handles
wipe nose napkin, shit
I’ll never go out without
rubber glove manic scare the sickly
I feel very stared at
mysterious, hooded stranger
scribbling gift wrapped flowers
seat belt buckle. click.
shoulder check, pull out
more people coming
sun dress black and pink, blonde
with an out of season tan
wedding ring brown roots
cross hanging from rear view mirror
says enough
I wear a disfigured grin
suits me just fine
the robot legionnaire drones
moving in directionless ant clutter swarm
elderly woman flattens her hair
against the wind
perhaps the product doesn’t work
as advertised?
silver honda takes up two spaces
it’s clearly been to a car wash recently
(I can smell the air-conditioned interior
from here)
faux leather sweat glands
can’t tell the difference
gods, get me out of this zoo
are they all jockeying for the same exit, or
have they even bothered to look
for one?
I’m of the opinion that
most of these meat sacks
don’t believe there’s a difference
how much will it cost for two
people to eat for a week?
she returns with
four bags and a gallon of milk
red bull for my thirst
where to now?
food, smokes, cash
heading back home, passed
gas bar pylons cordoned off fresh paint
slow-moving pedestrian
and we are leaving
down town dirty street potholes
four-way stop intersection light
overhead blinking
construction supply depot lot
large vehicle reverse beep. beep. beep.
over ninth avenue bridge to south hill
rail yard trains waiting to be filled or emptied
turn right at next light
slow to forty kph. streets are empty
children are at school
this time of day
bird flies in front of
moving car garage sale sign
summer upon us all
dirt remains unswept on
side of road leftover deposits for winter ice
planes jet high above in screaming sky
unbuckle, stand up
sit down
subtotal:  $40.92

© Emerys Watchel, 2015 All rights reserved.


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