Those Who Hunt Ghosts

headaches now,
allergies, I don’t remember
being susceptible
though I’m reading all the time
so, I spend less time outdoors
than I used to
lowered resistances, maybe (?), yet
there’s my astigmatism, and I don’t use
reading glasses
I can feel my pulse
at my temples, rubbing
index, middle-finger circles, throbbing
my body feels warm all the time
I’m thirty-three, six-foot, four
210 lbs.
my memory seems shorter, or
is it that I reorganize my thoughts
not certain
my recollection: an arrangement
of events, differently from others
perception, but is it so simple
aren’t there mysteries
still being uncovered (?)
discoveries of long dead life
a new beetle unearthed
in some rainforest, or
emerging from deep-sea silt
coelacanth species obliterated
during the cretaceous extinction event
some sixty-six million years ago, caught
on 18 October, 1974
Pluto is no longer a moon, the
Bermuda triangle sees no more disappearances per year
than the rest of the world, famous
big-foot photograph privately admitted to be
a hoax in 1963, was actually WA native, Bob Heironimus in a suit,
Gerald Ford supported Nazi Germany,
Hoover kidnapped the Lindbergh baby,
America was built by the Mafia,
The Universe is full of galaxies,
science has finally destroyed God
flying metal cylinders crowd the sky, full
of human passengers,
Da Vinci invented the Wright brothers, invented
computer microchip navigation systems,
satellites, Galileo to Armstrong,  the impossible is now (!)
Moscow, May 24, 1994,  Doctors
are blaming a rare electrical imbalance
in the brain for the bizarre death
of a chess player whose head literally exploded
in the middle of a championship game.
hyper-cerebral electrosis, HCE
every generation believes
that everything has been learned,
discovered, that there are no more
One generation’s science kills the last
generation’s God, the new religion
has always been
to rewrite how we got here, to grow
fat on the minerals of ancestors
and seed our offspring in the excreta
there are prescription drugs for everything,
and everything is extra-strength
paranoia is the new self-defense mechanism,
ignorance is bliss
phobias for everyone (!)
televising the search for supernatural
entities will successfully encourage the consumer class
to question the credibility of
the biblical hereafter,
to pedestrians, demons are ghosts,
if ghosts aren’t real, then neither can
angels, or heaven, be
if so, then too, social formula
tested, proven
there’s so much wrong with everything
Hollywood will blame their inability
to scare us on desensitization
my faith will be restored when
is reborn, gods don’t take Malkovich from us, I
will build golden idols of Kubrick
and pray
to whichever neo-dogma, or universal energy
for his reincarnation,
another goose to kill us
with its golden egg.

© Emerys Watchel, 2015 All rights reserved.


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