Monkeys Were Never Meant to Run the Zoo

alien conspiracy files
television program,
when I realize, now
see if you can follow
this logic:
that either one of two
things is true, they’re real
or, they’re not
if they are, we assume
The GOV’T. wouldn’t release
that information, if it were
true we’d never hear about it
unless they know we’d
never believe the truth
anyway, the religious group
steadfastly believes that God
will save us, and that the
world outside
is a crazy nonsense, and
the alien conspiracy believers
think the religious a bunch
of closeted nutters, waiting
for their mystical nothing
while the atheists
and nihilists think everyone
is stupid, there’s no answer
so, let’s assume that
aliens are real,
Christians believe in Demons
so that they can
drink the blood of Christ
and eat his flesh to invoke
their God to martyr them,
the atheists shake their heads
at higher powers, and I
for one, am skeptical
of any deity, or cosmic energy,
being, or what have you, that
would deign to try
manifesting a plausible notion,
I’ve been considering researching
Scientology, Roddenberry and Hubbard
had once worked together on
Science Fact, I guess we have
Star Trek and Tom Cruise to thank
for that division, fuck it,
I’ll just watch Wheel of Fortune,
Pat Sajak is consistently disappointing,
Vanna White is looking more robotic everyday,
and all these commercials
tell me to make more money,
to afford new things, to
make more money, maybe
an alien
invasion wouldn’t be so bad
after all,
monkeys were never meant
to run
the zoo.

© Emerys Watchel, 2015 All rights reserved.


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