Reality, and other Falsehoods

I have stood
arms outstretched
palms open,
offering my secrets
to everyone
and none

to urchins
and charlatan faith healers
to street magician doctors
and on

I have seen psychiatrists
pull demons
out of preachers

I have seen snakes
claim their venom
is gold

I have seen ants
bring dead soldiers
back to monarchs

I have seen horses
carry heroes
back home

I have stood
on the doorstep
of believing
watching empires
that never existed
live on

I have seen madmen
paint sanity
out of reason

I have seen
with hearts
for loved ones

I have seen
the righteous
and the wicked
all between them

but, I have
never seen
an honest man

© Emerys Watchel, 2015 All rights reserved.


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