Friday, December 11th, 5:50 p.m.

winter has officially
in Saskatchewan
with the long
awaited snow

it’s been coming down
for the past few
the latest snowfall
that I can remember
we get hit
before Halloween
with that dirty slush
that tracks in
over carpets,
but not this year
El Niño, or something
I’m not a
this is all

went for a walk
20 minute
round trip
to a nearby
Mom and Pop,
only had enough
for a jug of
chocolate milk, and
a candy bar
hands were cold
so I opted for the
grocer to bag the
I pocketed the
Mister Big

the shortest route back
is a (now) snow covered
grassy walking path
behind an
Elementary school,
past the baseball diamonds
out through the
parking lot
there must have been
an after school function
going on
parents and kids and cars,
and talking loudly
I was observed
hood up, plastic bag
in hand

he saw me,
who? I don’t know
I’ve no kids, and I
attended elementary
in another province,
the principal
I guessed, at a glance,
cultivated forty-something,
with an authoritative
eyeballing me while
mumbling nonsense about
the weather,
the kind of thing sane people
supposedly do
to discourage strangers
from interacting
with them, by
awkwardly displaying
their self important
internal agenda,
as if anyone’s actually

I thought to say
Hello, to ease his obvious
anxiety, but
I role played that
conversation, in my head
and decided
there was no good reason
to inject my identity
into his
already disturbing monologue.

© Emerys Watchel, 2015 All rights reserved.


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