The Athame

My first seance,
such a juvenile gathering
looking on it now
playing at magic

In attendance, by request of
a girl
one, I was determined
to see again,
and accompanied by
a friend that I convinced to join

He decided we ought to
learn the words
and so set about locating
an instructional document
lifted from the
arcane corners of
the internet, and
printed on
standard white
crumpled oddly
when it was unfolded
it had the look
of something smuggled away
in secrecy.  He chose
himself to act as Medium

The oldest of us
brought the athame

a rough sort of
post-pubescent nonsense
I remember
blonde hair dye,
leather jacket,
a Lost Boy interpretation
of Keifer Sutherland as
a farmhand renegade

his athame
was a hunting knife
six inch steel blade
brass and rosewood handle

he flung it
into the dirt
as though he’d imagined
it would stab the ground
a flimsy display
the girl on his arm
seemed to enjoy it
all the same
who she was, I don’t remember
I kept myself
from being introduced

With a food offering
of potato chips
we lit an impromptu fire
in a cemetery

a bad idea
in retrospect.  Only a few
words were spoken
before our charade was
dispersed by the authorities

I didn’t see that girl
after that night

Additional notes
by the author:

The Athame:

symbolic, as well
as chosen by the

the athame is
a short-bladed knife
of limitless physical
description, per the
of its instructor

the athame is
the symbolic representation
of the practitioners will
to manifest sacrifice

the blade is a sceptre

in colloquial languor:
an attenuator, or wand.

© Emerys Watchel, 2016 All rights reserved.


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