There’s an asshole upstairs
that coughs
a wheezy, smoker’s cough
like a dog
that’s had its voice
removed, and now
it quaffs a warbled chortle

I hear it every night
in they come
up the stairs, stomping
to their rooms

This apartment is full
of degenerate filth

The pedophile’s on the
second floor, in the back
overlooking the playground
no children ever play there,
mind you, they have
spray paint, and lighters,
pre-teen adolescent
rebels, raised on
daddy’s Xbox, and the
baby-mommys have as many as
two children
before they’re twenty-one.

We’re all pretentious
There’s your provincial
unemployment rate, right there.
The non-voters, the anti-institutional,
the anti-establishment
I am
one of them
a drug using bedouin
here for the ride
pervert, manipulator
an it harm none, do
what ye will.

© Emerys Watchel, 2016 All rights reserved.


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