I get fed up easily
I’m yielding to idioms
it’s not a simile
when I say
this may sound
like a confession
I’m as stubborn as an old man
for thirty four
an old mule
my dad would say
“You’re as stubborn as
a mule”
what a jackass.
if that were true
it didn’t keep me
quitting every job
I’ve had
in my defense
Pizza Hut
is hardly what I would
contributing to
the gross national product
I won’t bother you with
my resume, as it’s embellished,
that being said
who doesn’t hate
those stupid hair nets?
and no, I wasn’t fired
for being of German descent
nor is my attitude
a result of
I’ve simply never
reconciled my distrust in an
infrastructure that depends on
my blood and toil to
turn the gears of
one that which,
(as I have ever seen)
abandons the working class
at the first signs of
illness, and injury

I did not intend this
to be a tirade, however
what if no one showed up
for work on Monday?
or, whichever day it is
I’ve no responsibilities
to keep time, but
would the country shut down?
what if no one voted?
would politicians still be elected?
are we truly stuck
doing what we are expected to,
emulating known behavior,
spending energy
to save money
in order to afford
the latest consumer 2.0?
that will need to be replaced
anyway, as soon as it becomes
obsolete. Such waste.
Or, investing in a
conveyance that is entirely dependent
on, not only money, but a resource
that enslaves the purchaser
gasoline burns, it’s non-renewable,
(if you’ve forgotten)
perhaps the whole charade is a
make work project
(is job security
an oxymoron?)

is our sin
though, acknowledging this
and yet doing nothing
is perhaps
the greatest corruption
the future is bleak, but,
I’ve made my bed, and I won’t
lose any sleep

one final note:
any car
powered by either
exploding dinosaurs, or
requires a consumer investment, so
even if we burn all the money, and
boycott the government, we’re
prisoners to a system
that not only defines freedom
for us, but that actually encourages
screwing another over
to get ahead.

© Emerys Watchel, 2016 All rights reserved.


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