where two creative centres
meet the apex of complete design
reflecting back to light the face
of horror, nothing can describe
and in this place the nothing turns
to everything we need to live
this is how we feed inside machines
that grade our existence

now, let’s begin the evil drums
awaken dormant weaknesses
a little for the hell of it
and a lot for company
I want to take the mask off
of everyone of you inside
the walls are shaking, but remember
I was terrible at infancy

dance inside the twisted wreckage
of the love surrounding us
fighting just to breathe a little
scream out loud you’re killing me
push me to the limits
of unimagined self control
and leave me here to set the distance
from now until infinity

I wonder if this hell is better
than unplugging either one of us
if I was stronger I would leave,
but I fight inside of me
bound to struggle just a little
at the thought of giving up
but then I feel my universe
exploding from epiphany

I birth a billion points of light
to magnify the thought of us
holding my breath until the blood
starts pounding even faster yet
vibrating deep within the vessel,
replicating exponentially
here I am the star creator
of oceanic consequence

I turn inside the flora
of galactic rotating symmetry
harmonizing all the doubt
I had that I would meet you here
power converge into a sphere
of lightning bolts, electric dust
that opens up the eye that
guards the stairwell to my secrecy
and in this glow that bounces back
I feel complete creative ownership
I really am my own eternal
other than divinity

Hey, do you really think I want you,
want you to?
I am an entity imbued with knowledge
to help you see the end of this
though, I’m getting tired of how you trigger
at the taste of aptitude
I’ve got to admit I do admire your confidence

you make me feel like what is ours
is the spark of certainty
there is no place I’d rather be
than in the grip of emptiness
but it’s nothing compared to the way I know
you look right through to me
you may not believe it
but I don’t care how it’s dressed

I want to be the only thing
you need to listen to
I want to be the direction of your path
and always on your best
you and I are the combination
of collective guest rooms
which we fill with the most distinctive opulence

it’s not enough, I want to be the fabric
of your corporeal space suit
I want to be the orbit of distinction
that marks the path to set you free
I’m always here to take responsibility for
everything next to you
hurt me if you have to be the strength that conquers me

we won’t survive unless we turn and turn
in exact frequency
with respect to the new inclusion
of inspired self neglect
it looks bad, but the worst is that
we pursue some afterwards
and at best we feel connected at the neck

as we begin to feel endangered by
the howling of this stormy sea
we crawl deep down inside a pit
that comforts every shred of pain
I’m the guardian of your guidance system
sit back, relax, follow me
and do your best to hold your breath
because we’re never coming back again

keeping close to what we’re here for
everything is what it seems
as we decide the proper way
to stabilize the data feed
now, let’s take what time we need
to organize our conscious goal
floating on as much as we can manage in the energy

this is all the start of something horrible
that knows your name
do your best to welcome it
with all the power you possess
“Is there a way that I can have this
plug me in to greater things?”
The purpose of this exercise
is to connect you with the rest of us.

turn a bolt and lock away
the eyes that move the mouth above
find a new surrender for
the charging of our batteries
death is just a part of giving up
on something you don’t love
learn to live without as much
as you can offer to your enemy

we begin to wriggle at the thought
of being purposeful to what we honour
bathing for a moment
in the arms of wonderment
I’ll do anything you ask of me
inside this creative stream of colour
moving all the monuments
to offer up the throne of it

I am becoming one mind
in this foamy surf, and airy bliss
elevating like an orb
within the centre of the spark of life
and from my head, beams are focused
to the very birth of this
passion for correcting
all the faults that keep us up at night

make a new inclusion
to allow yourself to duplicate
spread out to the smallest samples
we inspect with interest
the other you will labour to
afford the time we separate
the endless struggle for the one
to communicate with innocence

now it’s starting to become
more than just the fear of us
let’s hold onto the facts
that proffered purpose in our quiet name

I feel the power lovers know
in every fragile instinct of
turning to a better kind
of peaceful walking in my grave

© Emerys Watchel, 2016 All rights reserved.


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