I’m against terrorism
in the form of gun waving
foreign ideal
but what of domestic terrorism?
how should I feel
when we publicize pederasty
use the Lord’s name to steal
when we fornicate for money
divide ourselves against each other
propagate racism
support hate-mongering institutions
wish for the death of our enemies
our human rights are human privileges
a legal system designed for the wealthy
we free the slaves
to make all men equal
to return everyone to bondage
in banana republic penitentiaries
when we are all at war
with God, with ourselves
with who we are
with how we love
with what we are taught
offer insurance plans
voting is a confidence scheme
the premiums go to the 1%
and the consumer class
idolizes the upper class
while hating
the poor
and we all know it
and do nothing

what is freedom?
what is terrorism,
to terrorists
are we able to recognize it,
is it always never us?

© Emerys Watchel, 2016 All rights reserved.


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