The Consumer Condition

I love the smell of
a fresh pot of coffee, don’t you?
it fills my senses
with whimsy
and fantasy
that Valdezian explorers
scoured the impossible
corners of the globe
to bring us
black gold
and I am a small part
of that great adventure
a small piece
of something bigger
Livingston was found
to sell newspapers
George Clooney donated $1M to Hope
for Haiti
so People Magazine could print
his big stupid face
on the cover,
for our benefit
maybe everything is manufactured
maybe these coffee beans
weren’t grown specifically
for my pleasure
love of money was
the root of all evil, all along
Hollywood is a syphilitic whore
and we’re all
festering in the blister
of designer ideals.

© Emerys Watchel, 2016 All rights reserved.


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