Flat Earth Society

Last night I couldn’t sleep.
Partly my fault, or mostly. I
tend to blame sleep disorders
for my inability to unwind.
Which, admittedly, could be
ignorance on my part. Blaming
a symptom for a cause I
haven’t bothered to cure, but
I don’t like pills and sometimes
sleep deprivation does yield
poetic results.
However, there I was
laying in bed
YouTubing Forensic Files on my
cellphone. It’s a bit weird
when I think about it, you know,
falling asleep to murder investigations, or
MUFON Files, JFK assassination conspiracy theories,
or, as was the case last night,
Ghost Hunters. Which got me thinking,
then pacing, as is my habit when formulating
dialogue for a WP post such as this.
There always seems to be, in paranormal canon,
a house, seemingly steeped in local lore.
A death or two, an old hotel, apartment complex,
or a sanitarium -those always seem to be the
gold mines. Insanity and ghost activity
are intrinsically linked social patterns, like
intellect and drug use, but I digress.
Here’s the scenario: Family
moves to the country, possibly
to escape problematic inner-city etcetera,
or what have you, anyway
the children, being unfamiliar with the sounds
old houses make
begin to suspect that they are not alone.
The parents rationally presume that their
kids are simply adjusting to country life.
But then the Mom and Dad start noticing
strange things as well.
Typical things though, like: doors
that were locked are unlocked, cupboards
left open that were closed, or lights being on
that were off, that sort of thing. So,
they decide to consult the ghost hunter people.
This is the point where I apply
common sense ideas.
1) Supernatural, and Paranormal are interchangeable
theories. I say “theories”, because neither are
scientifically provable. Though distinctly different, i.e;
Supernatural deals with everything from God,
demons, spirits, entities, and or, otherworldly forces.
Whereas, paranormal deals with the phenomena, and
unexplainable interactions between the spirit realm,
and the physical. More simply, poltergeists are paranormal
by activity, even though they are considered supernatural
in origin. Or, God is a supernatural entity, and
His active force, is paranormal.
Supposing that’s true, I personally don’t agree
with either, however,
2) If it were possible to record activity across
planar existences, i.e; between the physical plane, and
the nonphysical, then Ghost Hunting would not
be considered pseudoscience, and Richard Dawkins
would probably believe in God.
In all likelihood, the truth is
3) Ghost hunting, or ghost detecting is singularly
dependent upon a person’s willingness to believe in
forces beyond human capability. Essentially
convincing a person to believe in
what they are already willing to accept.
I don’t know what the standard rate is
for a ghost hunting expedition, but those people
were robbed by common charlatans.
And hey,
it’s an entertaining spectacle, nonetheless.

However, when/ if we subscribe to it
aren’t we just contributing to the mass delusion
prevalent in today’s society?
Maybe I shouldn’t blame them for ripping off
those that are willing to be deceived.

Mind you, Hubbard wrote science fiction
before he founded Scientology and no one
seemed to mind.

“You don’t get rich writing science fiction.
If you want to get rich, you start a religion.”
~L.Ron Hubbard

was that thinly veiled contempt, do you think,
or unintentional irony?
Either way
roll the dice, pick your poison,
damned or not
you still have to live with yourself.

© Emerys Watchel, 2016 All rights reserved.


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