Crusty Old Man

I wonder about him
as he says little of himself
do you think he has a porn addiction?
does he wish he were 40 years younger,
with a steel cock between his legs,
and a plethora of virgins
to inseminate?
why not? that would be human
at least I can say
for myself that I don’t mind
projecting my image
as being a person of low
moral character
born upon the dung heap
with the other
angry insects

I watch him curiously
squatting aside the shit pile
lapping up any flies
that get too close, while
preaching to any and all
who would listen
to his obvious formulations
and those bland
surface descriptions
he mistakes for depth
it’s clear to me he hates,
and loves, but what
remains a secret
as he burdens his opinions
with purple dialogue
is this to keep himself an enigma,
or to remove himself from criticism?
I cannot say,
though I wonder about
the toad he is

© Emerys Watchel, 2016 All rights reserved.


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