The Department Of Redundancy Department

Hot off the presses:
Delicious tears!
Precious fucking feelings!
Inarticulately expressed
observational conundrums!
Obvious attempts at significance seeking
sympathetic ignorance
rife with clichés, and
wobbly rhythms
of mangled poetry.
12:14 a.m, the Talking Heads
convened a roundtable discussion
where it was decided that
the idiots, using a kind of pseudo-English,
have been misbehaving on
social media platforms. This idiot activity
has been the unmitigated cause of frustration
among the intellectual supergroup.
Though what their idiot feelings are exactly,
remains uncertain as their verse is
defensively designed -seemingly to prevent
a vulnerability to criticism.
Yet, they write with obfuscating imagery, and
elaborate non-descriptions,
counter-intuitive to their belief
that they are creating art.
However nonthreatening, the facepalms continue.

The talking head roundtable
ended early this a.m. when
several notable heads from
the Probable Percentages Division
issued this statement:
“90% of today’s writers
are complete shit. While the remaining 10%
are further divided into
professional, and semi-professional groups
that manage to wind up on
The New York Times Bestseller List,
for some bullshit reason, or another.”

© Emerys Watchel, 2016 All rights reserved.


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