World Gone Mad

death is romantic
the macabre is sensual
is ravaged by sexual demand
lust is intoxication, and
stumbling in high heels
alleyway chain link, lipstick
on her teeth

truth is opinion
lies are seductive
drama is emotion, and
outrage is a storm-driven
drama queen tilting at windmills,
begging for saviour, or
dying for attention

wrist cutters for everyone!
tattoo’s for life lessons!
failure is commonplace, and
success is found dead
on the roadside
with ligature marks
scrutinized by pathologists
whose trade is dependant
on a world
gone mad

racism is a smoke-screen
perpetually reintroduced by government
sexism is division
to keep the voters from common sense
free thinking is outlawed, and
consumers are kept stimulated
to turn the gears of economy
in exchange for
chemically altered food

natural is ugly
growing old is plastic surgery
adults are whores, and
children are slaves
to the institutions that promise
our best interests are theirs
insurance is servitude
advertising is the neo-dogma
war is a cash cow, and
freedom is a privilege
that can be taken away

disease is symptom treatment
cures are miracles
god has a plan, that
nobody knows for sure
free will is a marketplace
individuality is protected
by lawyers who sold their souls
to manipulate a bible sworn
testament of honesty

everyone is safe
if the violators are locked up
and forgotten, or diagnosed
by the drug pushing organizations
that want to rob us
of youth

“Insanity, is to believe what you are told,
without question, or objective skepticism.
Sanity, is an individualised perspective,
kept separate from the power struggle.”

~Quote by author, Emerys Watchel

© Emerys Watchel, 2016 All rights reserved.


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