She knows.
She takes one look
at me,
and she knows. I don’t
have to
tell her

London, 1884
“hey, have you heard?
some pissed-off John’s
cuttin’ up
all them
South end girls, you know?
maybe they was
dirty, right? they ‘aint exactly
classy broads, you know. though,
they say even the prince
has syphilis, so who knows
who’s fuckin’ whatever, right?
look, they got it all
right here in the papers. some
kinda’ resurrected Lucifer
nonsense. I don’t know,
it’s got the stink
of the bible on it,
you know? No man
coulda’ done that

“it’s like I always tell ya’,
you know, it’s all them
star worshippers.”

that I love her with all my

© Emerys Watchel, 2016 All rights reserved.


3 thoughts on “Tournesol

      1. Often the exposition gets too heavy, in attempt to set scene and tone, it becomes too thickly layered, minimising the effect of the piece. This was, in my opinion, a solid example of how to avoid that.


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