go to the theatre
see them put on a show
a comedy
about the accidental
between god and man

implement and implementation

action and result

Spy, versus a network of spies
antithesis rewritten

where are all the people?
the ordinary shoes
from Godzilla
the ones, and zeroes, the
caught in harm’s way
within the expected fallout range
infected breeders and feeders
the screaming pedestrians
the nonessential extras
the shaken
the un
able heart beat
rebirthing heroic cataclysm

how about a story
like that?
not directed by Michael Bay
that doesn’t feature those
obvious, boring parodies

the one man army
the revolution against reform
the insurgent
that takes down a corporation

the rebellious, outnumbered by
the overwhelming mass of
oblivious drones

every archetype is a cliché
a reimagined love triangle

why do we even bother?
we know
the boy
gets the girl no matter the obstacle

the hero
deactivates the bomb
before the timer goes off
the miracle is manifest
tragedy averted
beauty is remembered, and
everywhere the actors
as best they can


© Emerys Watchel, 2016 All rights reserved.


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