Rubble Town

they have Honeycombs
cereal on sale
at the little store
and the old woman asked
about you
“you had a friend
with you, last time”
i smiled
looks like spring
the foreign kids
are riding their
western bicycles
and playing a game
of stick ball
that i don’t pretend
to understand
i feel invisible
as i walk through
the entropy
sun is bright
the wind is cool
small birds are busy
in the brush
a squirrel on a power line
watches me
i hear a mother hiss
a warning at her child
“don’t pet strange cats”
gathering her littl’un
woodpecker snare drums
in a fir-tree
dog barks
and somewhere
an old Chevy struggles
to turn over

© Emerys Watchel, 2016 All rights reserved.


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