Attention Smile

A green bell pepper, in my hand
I’m turning it over, looking for
that bothersome sticker,
You don’t want to find, in any
hungry mouthful

Rinsed and washed, now
with my other hand
I’m reaching for the knife-block
A serrated edge should do the trick
Sliced one way
then cubed like this

It’s supper time
in the kitchen
There’s a young woman in the other room
The T.V’s on
I wonder if she enjoys my cooking
This reminds me of, as a child
How I’d watch my mother

Humming something sounding sweet
to herself, seemed so happy
And I, distracted by her
thinking how, that reminds me of
an old woman in a story somewhere
She must have had a very singular
day to day
kind of life

Not the focus of the story
She kept a garden for her family
While adventurers
would pass on by
with childish weapons, imaginations too

Off to distant lands perhaps
To slay some great dragons
Or to free
foreign people from an evil King
Bound together by misfortune, or
awarded fathers’ gratitude

And yet she sat there
shucking rows of peas
or ears of corn, singing oddly
Humming thoughts to her potatoes
Was she ever a little girl
learning how to boil and peel
Or had an only child
made up recipe’s
she thought were real?

The T.V. sounds like laughter
Like it’s New Years day
and everyone is there
And all their lives are intertwined
in some elaborate way
Like everyday is not just a day
and the smallest things are over magnified
As the director frames
a New York kiss at night
And we’re invested in his arrogance
and her determination
to soften him
up a little bit

In the other room
I know that she’s there
Though somewhere she is dreaming
she was anywhere
and that she had her hero
to save her from
a dangerous mind
scheming something
planning this

A romantic moon-lit river
in Venice or maybe Paris
And their hearts are racing
as bullets ignite the engine smoke
and the speed boat
is moving much too fast
But that truly evil man
is out to get them
He has his reasons, first to the last
So quite clearly, not the focus, as

The volume’s up
when I enter the room
and everything is loud and smelling warm
And satisfied is beautiful
I know this by
the wrinkles at her eyes
in the immediate turn she gives me
all of her
attention, smile.

© Emerys Watchel, 2006, 2016 All rights reserved.


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