Encyclopedia Poetica

another picture off
the wall, and
describe for me
its varied incantations

if an old man may be
so kind to one
blind boy

and who is that
loitering in the yard?
cast your weathered eye
across flat geometries,
and tell me

has the moss grown thickest
on the lee side
of the walnut swing?
is there a proper method
with which to build
a snowman?
is there a Rubicon between
your camp, and mine?

lead me by the neck
explaining the patterns
raindrops make,
and have the ducks returned
from their southern retreat
to gabble
at the skating rinks?
oh, tell me

how best to tie my
shoes, and
when does a hermit crab
window shop
for a new home?

I can’t imagine

as my vision
is so

I would be lost without your

© Emerys Watchel, 2016 All rights reserved.


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