dry apple mouths
mealy taste buds
wax senses opaque
eyes round lenses
glare passive ingest
without mental construct
clearly vapid shells
human behaviour

imagine a movie theatre
the curtain’s drawn
canvas blank :unanimated

seats are full of
blind viewers
brains glowing out
the sockets flashing
dead cameras

hands move to feed
face tongue lick fingers
are they waiting
for something
to happen?

laugh track tells them
when to open maw
belch out recognition
television program
dumbed down to explain
actual behaviour
on some level
they know
it wouldn’t make sense
in its proper language

which is obvious
when their intelligence
is threatened

they tantrum

as though their
thought reactions
are emulations, and not
their own

fucking ignus.

© Emerys Watchel, 2016 All rights reserved.


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