music drunk
in secondhand shoes
blowjob back alley
Ladies Night hook-up
gravel on her knees
“I never
do this” she gobbled
in vowels

bar vibrations ring
my head in circles
near nausea as I
she swallowed,
lost balance,
landed on her seat
knees bent/skirt up
polka dot thong
bright as day
zip up exchange b.s.
about phone numbers

helped her to her feet
“thanks anyway but,
I don’t have a cell.”

left her puzzled
to wander in
the aftervisions
of dance floor epilepsy
neon colored shots

trying to focus
on actual now
mental street map
to 24 hour coffee shop

vomited on sidewalk
in front of police vehicle
handcuffs always cut
into wrists metal on bone
tried to explain
in puke breath to officer
that I was expelling
the product
of my night’s decisions

took my shoes
my belt
my shirt
after fingerprint and
sanity plea
“I’m not suicidal. I
love being me.”

carved initials on
drunk tank door
added to my offenses

© Emerys Watchel, 2016 All rights reserved.


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