He Will Not Come

― your hundred Messiahs
reinvented dogma preaching bible
New World translations

snake handlers
speaking in tongues
professed prophetic minds claiming
Holy, Holy godhead touched spirit
“sha de-bah, sha de-bah
—legoh fra digh, sheloh fra digh”, Mantra
in ecstatic confusion! begging lord possess
spiritual Magic gibberish
Take this Body Lord, Amen

Raise a thousand Jehovahs to war
against one Satan!
divided children
conquered children
— children
praying masochistic salvation
martyr in Armageddon

in Herod killed the firstborns
the end will come
in 793 Lindisfarne razed by Vikings
— end will come!
in 2k Kingdom come
the End is Nigh!

…understand what enmity wrought:
singular God faith,
One Almighty multiplied into a multi-God
One Almighty
destroyed by man
Ecclesiastes 8:9

He will not come.

© Emerys Watchel, 2016 All rights reserved.


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