From My Balcony

wind in the
lining the arcade
like pawns
wind chime rings its
superstitious device
young couple walks
together out of
parking lot
She: in seasonal flower
dress exposing fat knees
and round shoulders
hair cropped
ball cap
head to the side
rubber cheeks
jawing in to his ear
two hands on a baby stroller
He: responds inaudible
nods, sunglasses up
cap down, strutting
thin white legs
(whatever, dude)
I take another sip of
Red Bull, searching
for meaningful
in squinty morning eye
unwashed blear
upstairs neighbour’s
shitmobile parked
in no. 5 spot
haven’t yet heard him
stumbling around
it’s quiet
have the immigrant kids
discovered saturday morning
“don’t think away the calm”
I remind myself, just
before some Nairobi
missionary-types pull in
canvasing the buildings
looking for
God know’s what

time to creep indoors.

© Emerys Watchel, 2016 All rights reserved.


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