Century Twenty One

zoo panic on the airways
frenzy in boomtown
syndicated sex live on Pay
Per View
cocaine a household name, rape
: a tolerable sympathy
pederasty a social affliction
find JFK’s killer and exonerate
him to fuck the FBI
Bush senior invented tinfoil hats
to scare the paranoids
into the open
Deathchamber was a Baby
crawling towards that Television

bring fantasy to reality
send boys to war with Superhero
lunch box coffins
Live-Action for everyone
for soccer mom’s, artists, doctors
it’s all the same gloryhole
athletic, muscle hump Vegan
hot hard, lip bit O-face silk Angel,
leather Devil internet fetish
those 16pc ratchet Chrome 22in
rim dual exhaust Stainless Steel
designer model Front-End loading
Flat Screen hands free slimline
collectors edition
won’t move on their own w/out

Institutionalize our children raised
on processed food nutrient dry
starved brain generations
the Next Wave of political GOVT
fear campaigns

automate surveillance systems
organize informants
Hoover lives in the spirit of
medicated populace dependants
intent on unmanned war machine

Burkowitz incapable of understanding
the Hand of God, mind too fragile
for Divinity
Today: conspiracy theorists poison
Halloween candy & Hollywood addict
shoots up McDonalds in Bat-Suit

but Oh Boy, that Manson fella’
sure was evil and Bundy
deserved worse than the electric chair
The Branch Davidians,
Solar Temple mass suicide exit strategy
Made in America

when did the Western World start

post W.W.II British Intel agencies
to affect American psyche w/espionage
?who to trust? Ronald Reagan to endorse
Missile Satellite operation Star Wars
3/23/83 to defend against Alien Nuclear
panicked US citizens build Fallout Shelters

’69 Moon Landing coupled with Russia
Cold War give plausible conjecture
orbiting cameras pointed down
“the GOVT is watching U.S.”
1970’s post Vietnam mind expanding
drug culture experiments create fear Nation
Trust no One civilization

Sept.11 to re-establish foreign Terrorist
org. Country at war with self
now everyone a potential Terrorist

presidential relay race Clinton black hawk
down Lewinsky come-scandal Prez. impeached –
Bush Jr’s Twin Towers Osama/Obama turned
America inside out War no longer abstract
agenda in the street Press chaos
Trump’s Legacy Racism  Hollywood supports
producing a slew of
(post-modern 1930’s) pseudo-eclectic Movies
featuring White actors openly saying
Nigger without The views expressed
in the following program
Racist America
Fascist America
Communist China ahead in Economics War, West
trailing 3Trillion in debt.

© Emerys Watchel, 2016 All rights reserved.


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