A Raindance

something is bound to happen
pre-rain sky pregnant
myriad round bellies
rumpled like Uncle’s button down
passed out with bread crumbs
on his chest
The air is quiet, but
it blows
down from The Rockies
down from some Northern
over the prairies
carrying life with it, &
death fanning the fires
in Fort Mack
I heard about it at
a Charlie Brown lemonade stand
selling yellow sugar water 25¢/cup
to raise money for McMurray relief
I, the old wizard of skepticism
scrutinized the refreshment
while listening to their
wearied tales of woe

The sky blows fat gray
clouds heavy with wet
green grows up in
reaching arms
to tickle it out
grass shoots, tree leaves
shiver when the
thunder cracks, why

look up to see
who’s there?

© Emerys Watchel, 2016 All rights reserved.


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