Failing the Rorschach Test

I’ve resolved
to lay in bed all day
I’ll write from here
in poor diet gas pain,
in unkempt,
in acne,
need a shave/ mouthwash
a.m. sometime, not sure
I can hear the
garbage truck’s
hauling cans in my mind
oscillating fan does its best
to keep
my dust from settling
in here
the outside is a
muffled concert, voices
converse in cartoon exchange
I: unseen interloper
ear cocked, interpreting
tonal tension
neighbor opposite
clatters cupboards
kitchen faucet
perhaps to self?
on telephone?
mail carrier on sidewalk
stopped by friendly tenant?
or not, I
could go out
and see

but then

why bother imagining?

think I’ll stay in
and wash
my underpants.

© Emerys Watchel, 2016 All rights reserved.


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