there’s a shoebox
on the windowsill,
and takeout menus
by the telephone

don’t mind your luggage
time will take care
of itself

hang your coat up
by the front door
wipe your shoes
when it’s cold
we have books,
and coffee pots

Grandma’s knit doily
a flower vase

the clock on the wall
chimes every hour
the bird inside
we painted
on an Easter morn
I can’t remember
many years ago

the dog’s as smart
as anyone
He knows his name
and that Grandma’s chair
is best
for scoops of ice cream
the tablecloth

and snoring on
Grandpa’s slippers
in the afternoon
is a favourite thing

there’s a willow tree
in the backyard
and an anthill
where I played G.I. Joes
Mom watched me
from the kitchen sink
humming radio songs
and each year
she tacked old photo’s
to the corkboard
in the livingroom

and everything smells of
thanksgiving dinner
turkey and mashed potatoes
wine glasses, and
adult reminiscences

marry me
the old man
I’m becoming

© Emerys Watchel, 2016 All rights reserved.


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