Oddball, and The Dancing Star

fat head
wiry hair neck
long thin legs
for a boy of 34
in his mind guitar
songs at the hearth
of comely fair
pure stained girls
who dance with laurel
for unknown hero
load cannon flute
with thunderballs
blast eternity upon
the armies massed
to claim misfortune
in the storm of night
phantom calvary
ghosts of unsung verse
to climb the ramparts
steal the jewels cold
with winter hands
stampeding horses
at the lightning clash
azure blades
flashing hooves
in the firelight
of burning fields
outside the castle halls
clanking goblet gold
and glistening thighs
toes ringed
and ear lobes hung
with silver hoops
feral wraiths
at his command
each fretboard chord
each sip of wine grape
beads of sweat
for his enemies

the dreadnought stood
at the battle’s edge
Alas, the time
of the most despicable man
is coming, He
that is no longer able
to despise

© Emerys Watchel, 2016 All rights reserved.


2 thoughts on “Oddball, and The Dancing Star

  1. The thing I enjoyed about this one was the detailed yet subtle delivery. The concept of the pariah is clear, though almost obfuscated by the fantastical images conjured. These images, too, should be indicative of the subject’s mental solitude, but the reader is caught within romantic sweepings and may create their own fantasy, stemming from a phrase that struck them. Creative poetry that further inspires is never a bad thing. Good piece, loved your choice of wording..

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