In This Dream I Am The Dreamer And The Dreamed

I am
searing anger turned hunger
gnash teeth on the terrible
stones of conviction
unchewable, hard lessons
destroy the man into
a hate for this eternity
no longer able
to identify with his innocence
in vain
attempt to free the stolen knowledge
from the great black carrion birds
of government,
of religion
feeble worm I am surrounded
to instant death crows of bitter

Yes I am that
weak pure beast untainted
virginal consciousness kept clean
golden Holy light
damning false belief,
destroying ego
tearing the face from common gods
island in the dark eddies
mass of moss and stone
broken upon
by a million flimsy vessels
sundered beneath my disapproving stare
glowing with the light of
a thousand moons

I am that I am I am the
sex fiend cock vessel
forever unsatisfied
needing, seeking able victim
to rip open and steal
as I have been stolen from
fear eyes wide
broken mouth breath held
hands ripping at flesh never enough
the snake of my creation
chasing its tail
to complete the self-destruction
again, and again
in human wards of conscious
attempt at life-love

I eat death
and Death eats me

I am no more the dragon
the wizard
the man
than I am parasite passenger
preaching this illusion

© Emerys Watchel, 2016 All rights reserved.


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