The Possessed

have you ever met
that person
that prefaces opinion with
to be perfectly honest
so often
you wonder
if honesty’s definition
is lost to idiomatic expression,

…what the fuck.
did [insert specifics] really just quote
from that movie like
we didn’t watch it together
three nights ago?
who is this person
sitting in front of me
verbally actualizing conjecture
from idea
to physical form fact
disputing logical consistency
as if Truth
were subject to perspective.
(so, that’s where honesty got off to)
if I push [above specified]
will he/she topple to the
still pantomiming
conversation hands
mouth moving human animations

must be controlled remotely

is there even a person inside
this wind-up toy

are they,
all of them
dreaming individual realities?
convinced of value self level
with material product quality?

Cities collective consciousness
abducted by white-coat shadows
in mid-night
near REM ramblings about
latex glove smell, and
alien conspiracy
pharmaceutical sleepwalk capsules

the pods have landed!
refill bottle on side table

earlier today:
overheard neighbours
in bldg laundry rm. talking about
junkie mother’s baby found
dead in microwave during
drugs bust last night’s News report
“‘Aint my fuckin’ kid, but
if a child of mine did that
to one of my gran’babies
you better hope
to hell the cops catch’em first.”

doubt they understand this faulty logic

pretty sure I remember
that microwaved-baby story
back in O-12, or 13 in line at
local Supermarket.
felt disgusted enough, I wished
I could have vomited
right there, at the check-out.
heard it again
referenced in movie when gritty
city P.D. detective
delivered heart wrenching speech
to his then-girlfriend
emotionally needing comfort

he needs his complicated space
uncluttered by
sweet hand-holding togetherness,

starting to think:
there never was a microwave baby

it’s a story
cooked up to sell magazines,
boost ratings,
get voters voting for change,
love gory entertainment attachment
to reality illusion despite
warnings in behavioural science
bestseller describing
mental health fails
w/diagrams in assorted colors

microwave-baby sells books,
microwave-baby to champion war on drugs,
still leave infant in carseat summer
“just running in for a sec.”
return to death surprise
cry, CRY
young mother lactating in parkinglot
dramatic tears for microwave baby

anything to get on TV

becoming difficult to determine
where the animal ends,
and the human begins
(author laughs audibly to
self) “Honey…”,
wife calls from kitchen,
“what did we have for dinner
last Tuesday?”

“I don’t know dear”,
husband falls silent
waiting for response


we ate in
we watched that movie?
Wife has now moved to
livingroom near kitchen
spatula hand on hip

on couch looks up at wife
“No dear,
I meant
do you want to order pizza?
I honestly
can’t remember dinner last Tuesday.”

ponders wife
as they both reflexively turn
attention toward TV
contemplating the development
of their immediate futures.

© Emerys Watchel, 2016 All rights reserved.


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