a Commentary, on

you get so deep
into your shit
when you come out
you don’t want to be

on top of this
the mountain peaks

one two
only you

three four
shut the door

five six
all for this

seven eight
all too late

nine ten
start again

i appreciate that you see
something. maybe something that i need to see
i cant tell you how painful
it is
to be me

AHHHHH mah gawd that is like
that last bowl
is like
the most important bowl. yu need to
talk to it, see yu pack it.
yu look at it and say
“well yu and i won see
eachother for a while. but we had some good times,
some effed up times, some doritos
and now
we are gun say adios.” yu need to like,
say a lil prayer to the herb gods
and thank them
for this green blessing, then
smoke that shyt
Bowsers Castle. yu me and a tri-green shell attack
also, i am deadly w/the banana packs

i can feel and i canlove
my way
i can see and i canhold
my things

but you ask me to be some thing
that is only what you want me to
hold me to
that’s you

by telling me you put that inside,
whether you mean to or not
it’s there now and here we are
and i now know what you want me to
and it makes me feel like you
want me to feel this way

i could lie to you too
and i could tell you what you want to hear
and i would know
that i am lying to myself
that is love

these games are suffering
to hold that we will sting
and scream that we want love
but care for nothing of
you want me to be
and i want you to see
truth in all my pain
together in that way

with these words you put yourself inside
and in there you want to be felt back
that is the lie of love

why make me love what hates you?

the sun will rise
and we will be
but not at each others necks
we’ll see

goodnight my precious somebody
diamond of your dreams
i will see you in the morning
with some other me

© Emerys Watchel, 2016 All rights reserved.


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