Walkman Mix-Tape

the street hums of busy
machinery people
street work and girls
watched with humor
as male single occupant driver of
white chrome pick-up
snap neck doing double-take
at thin waist,
round ass yoga pants
daringly obvious
aren’t they?
the Old Woman at corner store
commented on the humidity
I shrugged
when she asked about your next visit
seems small town is lonely
for her southern belle
the shade offered a nice reprieve
next to fresh clippings
drying beneath power lines
aside the ball diamonds
no mosquitoes this year
abundant butterflies

carried carbonated sugar water
bottled, in plastic bag
eye squint
hood up
as a rust-red
IROC gunned accelerator
reflective sunglasses
a typical rebel
without a clue
behind the wheel

metaphor complete
three blocks from home

© Emerys Watchel, 2016 All rights reserved.


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