Connected to The Conscious Cradle

in dream house familiar
subconscious decor furnishings
object manifest
table, lamp, wall hanger, rug,
seems real
no need to inspect authenticity
there’s the presence of
friendly beings
mother spirit, family, friend
welcomed to dream space
images downloaded from
tangible plane

here i explore creation
pilgrim experiencing new realm
for the first time
human self-preservation matrix
kicks in, i
begin seeing structural
windows open
without proper screens
or obstructions
to prevent unwanted interloper

in some windows the screens
are ripped
willowy flanges
in dream wind black night
this is not my home,
or any home i
have inhabited

room organization changes
floor plan doesn’t fit
structural possibility
noticing now
in dream house basement
come alive with
dried spider webs
moving with insects coloured
like tropical flowers
bright yellow, neon green
colour denoting toxicity

hand brushes against
desiccated carcass

body jerks reflexively
to brush away corpse flesh thing
i feel a bite
not certain if poisonous
counting seconds
as skin agitates
bumps appear
1  2

3  4
arranged like dice pips
gasp suddenly before a sixth
at moment of dream evac, i
warbled scream of terror being
in my waking ear
reverberating even now
as Man-device accounts for lunacy
bad sleep

wash it out with
television, or
comfort from familiar love
that i
am well
that this tangible plane is
my home

connected to conscious cradle,
among many dreaming a human dream
treading water
in the infinite gray area
between existences

© Emerys Watchel, 2016 All rights reserved.


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