Trembling Before The Machinery Of Other Skeletons

I omit I in the presence
of observer
when alone
am free to escape skin-foil,
shell cap,
flesh draped on wire hanger
bony meat vessel dance macabre
tooth-face, lidless
in perfect sanity self

from material decorations
skin-suit hangs
in limp
penetrated by unchecked sunlight
beam fills hollow void
in man dust selfish rooms
by forever eve’s
of terrible realities
I objectively criticise
persona of Self Accountability

“hate Hell and love me
just as well

empty out to fill you
with myself.”
the Mask mocks
laughing at my fragility exposed
soul without form
slogging through the wend of time
from the perceptions of
despicable meat

© Emerys Watchel, 2016 All rights reserved.


3 thoughts on “Trembling Before The Machinery Of Other Skeletons

  1. The words, imagery and symbolism in this poem was very effective. I think the poem sort of shows how the ‘I’ can manifest in different forms and we can’t truly get a grasp of who we are eventhough we are glorified ‘meat suits’. Loved to hear your thoughts if you’d like to share. But this was amazing! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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