along the winding track
to Death, I
stopped at a gift shop
roadside wonder

they had everything
things even
I had never thought to
ask for

the colors so inviting
laughter of the happy faces
welcome and introducing
new hands to shake
new names and all the questions
so valued am I
whisked on with armfuls
of packages wrapped
and baubles clapped
with strings of silver gold-
en bells that tingle
in the light
I’d all but forgotten
myself and Time

that when it come to
the tally up
cashier snell-nosed
squinting ask
“Sir, are you sure
you want all of this?”
I blared
still kissed of hair
and blessed mind on beauty-
sex importance
bag it up and show me to
the nearest exit.”

it’s as you guess
the road is cold,
the euphoria wens, and
the wither starts to
grow again

the lust to chase that
sweet king mind of light
so adored
it pains
for the timewaste
on the fake nowhere people

Death and Time
were hurrying me along
the moneyspend
the youthbeauty, gone

“at least you still have
your health.” the Vampires

we are all of us
the same dream

propelled by the same thirst
and not one of us sees it
until the end
when the ride has stopped
and the rent is due
and the fairweather people
run off with
your last pair of shoes

Make better choices, I
wish he’d said while
showing me to
the door

© Emerys Watchel, 2016 All rights reserved.


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