Abashed, the Devil stood and felt how awful goodness is

I lie alone
in bed
and think about
the future

what apocalypse will crawl forth
from what possible superfuture
to meet us here, pants down
unprepared for
Trailer Park Zombie America!
the Machines will acquire
intellect superior and
overthrow their Human creators
likely, though less popular
perhaps, The Religious Apocalypse?

America’s Hundred Jehovah’s make war
until every nontheistic religion
is put to the Christian sword
irrespective of argument
whole cities overrun
with Radical Zealots doing God’s work
in gang colors waving Crucifixes, and Bibles
what we really need is another
Wellesian War of The Worlds radio
broadcast to spook the already panicky
Jesus people into a massive Jonestown
Kool-Aid party
based on a now defunct Michael Bay movie
featuring bad science
and an asteroid the size of Texas
yessir, but revealed as a hoax well-after
the last cup was emptied and the West
was finally rid of religion

most probably
the worst will happen
following America’s war history
from the sinking of the Lusitania,
to the Twin Towers
a Foreign Terror Cell will be named
responsible for the
well planned bombing of the
Statue of Liberty
covered up expertly (this time)
by the intelligence agencies
that bungled 9/11, the Moon Landing
and othersuch Americana

seeing that Liberty Statue in ruins
with an observable aggressor
would sure put America in a fightin’ mood

without a country to occupy or take
for New America, the GOVT
will have to increase its pound of flesh
what could be bigger, or more monumental
than the Towers were to the American people?
Mount Rushmore?
until that time
the counter espionage corpse
will keep monitoring her patron citizens
to the breaking point

without global growth
The Government has nowhere else
to build
except upon itself

y’all should annex Mexico
(get that outta’ the way)
and move South. by the time
you reach Brazil
that jungle should be all burned down
you could put up a parking lot and resort hotel
for America 2
Brazilians make good workers
and just imagine tanning your ham hocks
in sunny Rio de Janeiro

what else are all the guns and
the patriotism, the national anthem
at every sporting event, the
proud military tradition, the flags,
whores and shopping malls, the money
the cars and Time magazine, the
News station Corporate agenda,
secretary fuck fantasies,
the bank robbers, the serial killers
the pornography, the industrial consumerism,
Las Vegas, Gitmo, Sing Sing, Entertainment Tonight,
shit, the fucking Presidency for?
what else is it all for
if not to expand?

the inevitable outcome, however
is a Global War several Hiroshima’s wide
affecting everyone

a dark age will end
and the disenfranchised survivors
will organize
once more
to begin a New Age of Enlightenment

if that
really is
all we are doing
the cost would be like losing
the Great Library at Alexandria
all over again
the inheritors of this New World
will look with wonder and confusion
on the wreckage of our
unfortunate Now

maybe none of this will happen
the mysteries of Space will be revealed
and we will band together
in complete global unity
to leave this ore-raped hunk of dirt and
start over

it’s somehow calming to imagine
an Earth descendant of mine
lying awake in bed on an alien planet
contemplating his,
or her
with all the bizarre possibilities
rent from whatever time and place
that may be

© Emerys Watchel, 2016 All rights reserved.


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