The Mirror and The Spectre

minutes ago
found energy self
in darkmirror reflection midnight
mind focus session

I lugged that picture mirror
from dead home bereft of
old hermit Grandma’s
hundred old stories
about her cats, about
how her house was built
in 1912
how Blackie lost an eye
chasing heroic wild-eyed
females in heat
to his then dusty porch retirement

3×4 feet it measures
and five and a half when standing
on its supports
once belonging to a forgotten vanity
perhaps recollected in some scrap-book,
somewhere covered with picture frames
perfume atomizers crystal ashtray
ladies hairbrush, chair
where she sat
removing curlers sighing over Ed
with a head shake
to his aged deformity
WW2 memories turned grief-stricken
demons to haunt a love-addled pain

in shadow
these fingers, long
nimble daggers
meant for the typing of keys

these eyes
dim in daylight blind
meant for seeing beyond what is
visible to the heart-meat beneath

this body.
wracked in the tug, and toil
of scraping bruised
under gravity’s infinite weight
merely a conveyance for the mind

indian legs crossed
on carpeted bedroom removed of bed
floor littered with laundry socks
a side table now lampstand
various paraphernalia unused condoms
the panties lover left me
mirror propped against wall
I, before I
dark room peering into dark room
watching for shape to coalesce
the mass of worms push up
head mound shoulders
one eye opens, become

car pulls in to parking lot
headlights circle the room
I stare at I
watching self transform

remembering the Halloween invocation
in Grandma’s basement
candle lit at the stroke of twelve
chanting to any and all beings
gathered here tonight
empty vessel asking to be filled
half man half demon
then blew the candle out
fumbled through basement dark
to stairs
and up
into kitchen
turn towards diningroom
emptied for painting
but the mirror stood alone
my back to it
turn slowly, I
and see in there a shadow
standing just behind
fear, wonder
from then on I knew I had to keep
this damned thing with me

© Emerys Watchel, 2016 All rights reserved.


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