,and the Horse you rode in on

on the internet
staring at the adverts
ing at the shiny happy fake plastic
smiling fuck
the All on its knees I
want to put cock to World Mouth
choke throat
I want to shame GOVT’s with poetry
surrender to the Truth
it’s all a mess
that was The Gift
The Goal, and The Reason
for Art
it’s Platonian
I’m a Neo Hate Monger
w/a hard-on for mind rape
who do I?
what do I?
How do I
give a shit about…
does any of this seem right (?)
recent increase of Agnosticism supports
Humanity’s secret wish for the
End Of The World
in Martyrdom be Vindicated!

’til then:
steal my credit card info
hack the interwebs
come on lips mouth ass pussy
Racism the New fashion clique
teach children that Sex is
Penis/ Vagina pederast fetish
in public schoolgirl Hello Kitty panties

Sugar is toxic
Sugar is killing us
mid 80’s: fatty liver disease
unheard of in child cases
can’t buy fruit juice at Supermarket
w/o poisoning my liver with Fructose
the FDA in cahoots w/ Terrorist Org.
targeting our consumer dependency
and we are encouraged to trust
to Obey blindly
sheeple led to
laughing gas television deathchamber
commercial-jingle brainwash

United Fruit Company formed in 1899
to control vast territories and
transportation networks in Central America
Exploitative Neocolonialism!
the archetypal example
of the influence of a multinational corporation!
Merged with AMK in 1970 to become
United Brands- transformed again in 1984
to present-day Chiquita Brands International
who exactly,
decides my daily dietary requirement?
if I ache
if I’m “depressed”
if I exhibit antisocial paranoia
if I anything…
the Doctor gives me
drug dependency miracle cure tablets
flesh raped and I am

if there is a cure
what is the cure?
more symptom treatment
you pain?
here killpain pill
you sick, sad, can’t get erection?
here pill, you welcome
but grass green mower fresh-cut
smile white detergent in toothpaste
lawn sprinkler afternoon 4th of July
booze always affordable
J. Hoover FBI loved his Scotch
but made useless war on Drugs America
$Billions spent fighting Columbian Cocaine
burn them Coca fields down!
Columbian Farmers then in debt w/ Cartels
same happened in Afghanistan Poppy fields
Farmers there live now in fear of Taliban
why are your politicians so afraid
of seeming weak on drug crime?
so afraid
Need to get votes
perpetuate useless Drug War? Why?
it don’t work
Ten States set to decriminalize before
R. Reagan Just Say No campaign
don’t no one know their History?

pacify ’em with Pornography
Hooters Bars to confuse Feminism
wouldn’t Eleanor Roosevelt be proud?
all Her hard lobbying
for Breast Implant America

this is all silly
take me not seriously
ignore what is infront of you
ignore mad men like Me

Sleep well in your beds
Prescription Generation

protracted death
in Concentration Camp Nation

no freedom

Post Script:



A person who loves, supports, and defends his
or her country and its interests
against presumed interference by
the Federal Government.

Fuck You Holy-Holy godlove!
Fuck You Christian Propaganda Cults!
Fuck You Military Industrial Complex!
Fuck You Political Doublespeak!
Fuck You Consumer Nation Ideogog!
Fuck You Organic Food Trend
scientists that genetically altered cacti
creating Dragon Fruit in early 2000’s

the Well-Adjusteds don’t ask these questions
and fuck Them too!
Hell in a Handbasket, let’s go

© Emerys Watchel, 2016 All rights reserved.


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