i will make considerations
for beauty
and concessions
for love
i will
be soft as nipple flesh
pre-metamorphosed grub
wriggling in pink meat
in the earth womb lullaby song
let me start again
before jaded
eyes opened
irreversibly mutated by
rock music crybaby sad
raindrop gray tears for
valentine heart dust
fire and xmas wish
as with father mother
presents beneath tree
fantasy magic destroyed along with
the following moon
tooth fairy
all boogey men
all a fiction
that broke my then
unalterable spirit now
may never be the Me that once was
can believe in goodness

though goodness without god-perverted
kingdoms in extra-physical illusion space
actual good
that exists in mortal hearts
a spiritual actual
more than faith
is that too much?
should i settle for attainable
reality material?

why not dream float on
tidal pool hopeless desire frivolous
-enchantments of skin held in warm
embrace under red morning curtains
of ecstasy in lovers arms
staring intently tickling out the
blood throb passionate kissing
for no reason
but to smile away insecurity?

i can
be in love with something
to breathe form into life

start again

© Emerys Watchel, 2016 All rights reserved.


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