The Call of a Bell

ringing over sundries door
a smile
from an aged familiar
glistening dimples gesturing
to the
iced cream reprieve
cooler next to the chips
and candy assortments

“sure is a hot one, eh?”

return smile, nod
apply some affectual
glean in his general direction

before returning to wander
down aisles
looking for
soup & soda crackers

these sale items are never
decently priced, if i
had a car i’d waste the difference
driving to the supermarket
anyway, what the Hell
(thinking to self)
fondling cans of Campbell’s

“No more penny candies.”
he said, directing my attention
with a sweaty finger

“yup. the Canadian Mint
stopped making new pennies.”

well i’ll be…
(kids today got it bad)
Just this, thanx.
coloured pop on counter
asked for menthol smokes

“we’re all out of that brand.”
responded with a platonic hand wave
as if to tell him
i didn’t mind

he rounded the total down to the
nearest 5
saved 3 cents
back through the ringing
to the street outside

pedestrian heat
on the sidewalk waiting to
cross. staring dumbly
at the air-conditioned auto’s
rolling by
trunk lids rattling from
sub woofer stereos

hoping to find Prospero’s
abandoned scepter.

© Emerys Watchel, 2016 All rights reserved.


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