Our Malthusian Inheritance

returning to animal
self, disconnected from
electronic devices
cathode, and diode soldered boards
in Cybertropolis mother brain
I will not
become a pinwheel blowing energy breath
over the plastic face
of this
manufactured Eden
soulless replacement for
vegetable dreams

Man under leaf Sun Moon and rain
appealing to the starry visible

“Great Oceansky above,
blessed be your torrential curtain

May the low valleys swell pregnant
with deluge

Loose your mighty bolts into the
void beyond
sun-pierced evenblue laurel

To crown my broken path
over the mountain.”

picking my way
on hobbled bone & burdened fatty liver
away from the godless aluminium slums
of human robots -hiding from their shadows
in tenement money dust,
fed sickly on
atomic farms,
processed food mash w/ claw hands,
pushing words out over teeth
onto Computer screens
glowing against the impossible black
of consumer Heaven
every developable tract of
Earthgreen purchased by Gomorrah Nation’s
Media Construct
perpetually grown
alive in Hospital Nursery infant
complete and ready
to be downloaded
by programs that imagine
they’re people.

© Emerys Watchel, 2016 All rights reserved.


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