Hairy Sweaty Knuckles

Sunday morning seems a bad time
to publish poetry,
what with all the Atheists
in Church

the internet World tied to
actual Time
and all the Old Gods are buried
under Hellenistic ruins

everywhere but in grecian minds

,and the draft dodgers are teaching
the Pledge Of Allegiance to
schoolkids before a half
-naked crucifix

..”nailed Jesus, hands and feet”
sweaty Roman penis stuck
between his butt-cheeks
what need has God of nipples?

,or collection plates of money?
what has he done with all those centuries
of coins
is Heaven a Scrooge McDuckian vault
full of golden donations,
does the Lord sit, shiny
with glistening forehead star
and hang his pubic beard down
for us to climb

ladder to forgiveness
even with all that superstitious magic
candles, prayers,
book of curses

artifact symbolism crosses for pentacles
even if
give Him more, more, even
if sing, if loudly relinquish
material possessions,
in groups and compare clothes
-what need has God of a balance sheet?

what need
have we of Sunday, Julian Calendar,
Bells ring mighty in Steeples
clanging between The Almighty’s white thighs,
while everywhere women drop their panties
fart, and cuss
pinching folds of useless skin
stinking of hygiene coverup perfume

what need has God of thread count,
leather spats, lavatories,
bowels, and bladder breakfast menu
at the downtown diner
reward for sitting through the Sermon

shit, wipe
eggs, bacon
tip your waitress, she works hard
has tired feet
has bills to pay

is Human

© Emerys Watchel, 2016 All rights reserved.


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