Beware The Quadrilogy

the first one makes room
for the best of us. it’s fresh,
original, but its successes
ensure a market return
investment secured
so the writing amps up
the vehicle blossoms, gives birth to
a trilogy
usually an abortion gone horribly
it lived! a bizarre mutation
Victorian exhibit. Joseph Merrick
oversized hands, feet, contorted angel
but the franchise demands an audience
of disappointed strangers
enjoying the garish spectacle
with hideous grins
they don’t care
the failure is as good
as raw meat

are like people
the cathartic narrative
when written poorly
the life is bland, a waste
when well
its children suffer
from casting, to set design, to
musical score, to
film director,
doctors nurses care-givers, to
the psychiatrists, or
counsellors that come
later when the Adult is
anomaly with behavioural

© Emerys Watchel, 2016 All rights reserved.


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