Love is


is surrender to the unknown
is hope against certainty
is an illness worth dying for
is a reason for attachments
is an illusion made real
is temporary insanity
is struggling for one last-
breath trapped in the cabin of
a sinking ship
is speeding down a midnight highway
in hurricane weather
is going one more round
when the fight is long since decided
is an addiction, like any drug
is pushing back the final inevitable
begging for one more sunrise
is a ditch water sanctuary from
an unrelenting fire
is the wisdom of a stray dog
is sparing an enemy while
holding a winning hand
is turning away to indicate
where the knife should be placed
is listening instead of
the obnoxious alternative
is building a bridge with
trial and error engineering
is anxious, and wanting, and willing
to make impossible bets against dangerous odds
is gifting the Moon from
a N.Y balcony to the most heavenly
creature you hadn’t dared dream real
is the ashes of heroes
is standing instead of sitting
is running hand-locked through
fantasies where the Sun never sets
and everything tingles
of ancient metaphors finally understood
is staying true to the dream when
the Sun does go down and the outside is
entropy and monsters
is creating new truths to cover up old lies
is bailing water out of a doomed vessel
is a coke with two straws
is an old man at the end of the bar
drinking with shadows
is holding the dog that bites you
is found between bodies
is a force that unites while dividing

Love is this,
it is, and endlessly further

is who I was ready to be
when She was ready to come looking

is searching within for an answer without

is reading all of this and not feeling

© Emerys Watchel, 2016 All rights reserved.


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