Cancer Pants

did the Hollywood P.D. coverup the
Black Dahlia murder to protect corrupt
police officers?

was Hoffa disposed of by R. Nixon’s Mafioso?

did the Church of Scientology
strong arm HBO effectively shutting down
an L.Ron biopic,
and then target Phillip Seymour Hoffman because of
his characterization of Hubbard as
cult leader/lunatic Lancaster Dodd in the movie
The Master?

did Hugo Chavez get his fatal groin cancer
from a strain specifically designed by
the CIA under the authority of
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton,
who in 2010 sent out a message to US embassies,
consulates, and missions,
to acquire DNA on Foreign Leaders as a retaliation
to Hugo’s ’06 United Nation’s
address where he openly accused Pres. G.W. Bush
of being the Devil?

is it possible that D. Trump’s presidential campaign
was nothing more than a gambit
to ensure a landslide for H. Clinton
against the risk of another ‘Bush Recall Scandal’?

is that why
The Don, a successful venture capitalist
reinforced his sexist/racist agenda
with further open remarks
despite it being an obviously BAD
business move?

is Trump refusing to ‘Drop Out’
of the presidential race in order to prevent
a Hillary uncontested/ hung election
to be decided by the House of Representatives?

has everyone forgotten about
the Benghazi files?

did the Trump Tapes re-establish Hillary’s earlier feminist platform?

is a Government, the act or process of
governing; specifically: authoritative
direction or control, and is this Organization
capable of manipulating foreign entities
with threats of war, or political/ economical pressure?

is Conspiracy defined by a group of persons
who devise obfuscating tactics to
indirectly coerce the actions of another group?

is any of this

is control an illusion, or only unattainable by the other 99%?

© Emerys Watchel, 2016 All rights reserved.


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